• Education in Belarus

The education system of the Republic of Belarus is developing in accordance with the global trends, meeting the requirements of the innovation-driven economy and is a major source for training of highly-qualified specialists. There are higher 51 institutions of higher education in the Republic of Belarus, 42 of them are state and 9 are private, special secondary education is provided by 215 state and 12 private establishments. Higher education institutions in Belarus provide high-quality training of specialists of the I-st and II-nd levels of higher education, training specialists of higher qualification (postgraduate, doctoral studies), carry out research, produce innovative high-tech products.
After the official joining Belarus into Bologna process in May 2015, the range of educational opportunities for foreign citizens has increased. Affordable prices for education, clean environment, eventful cultural life, stable situation in the country, as well as beneficial geographical location in Europe make education in Belarus attractive. The students of Belarusian educational institutions have a great opportunity to study within a wide range of specialties, as well as to be engaged in scientific research. Training of specialists with higher education in the Republic of Belarus is performed within 15 profiles of education, including 384 specialties. The structure of specialties is constantly improving: there are new disciplines in the field of technologies, nuclear energy, robotechnics, space exploration, etc. Training in various specialties in Belarusian educational establishments is carried out using modern methods and technologies. Belarusian education is highly valued in the world, and the graduates are working in successful international companies, corporations and government organizations, as well as continue hold on in research activities.

Information and consulting centre on education for foreign citizens

The information and consulting centre on education for foreign citizens in the Republic of Belarus is organized at the Centre for International Relations of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus.
Centre for international Relations offers a set of services for the organization of international educational programs of professional mobility, educational programs, business seminars, exhibitions, cultural projects and study tours.